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    Jardín en Málaga y su Costa del Sol - Garden in Málaga and The Costa del Sol

    Laguna Grande, Archidona - "Laguna Grande", Archidona

    Flor del almendro, Casares - Almond tree´s flower, Casares

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Costa del Sol Tourist Board

The Costa del Sol Provincial Tourist Board is a non-profit organisation which has been granted legal status and declared of public usefulness.

Its first goal is defining the best policies for sustainable tourism development, having an active and efficient role in the domestic and international travel market in order to create demand for the province of Málaga. The Tourist Board also encourages the study of tourism-related aspects of life in the province, either directly or through specialised organisations.

Other tasks of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board are coordinating efforts and inviting public and private parties to take part in the drafting of plans or common actions, and protecting the tourism interests of the province of Málaga against harmful actions.

Likewise, the Costa del Sol Tourist Board is engaged in raising awareness of the importance of tourism in society among citizens and institutions, arousing interest in this industry and fostering respect for it.

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