Tourist Board makes presentation for Virtuoso travel agents

The Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourist Board has made a presentation for a group of travel agents working for Virtuoso, a network of American luxury travel agencies with over 300 members and 7,000 travel advisors in 20 different countries. The presentation was prepared with the Spanish Tourist Office in New York and representatives of the American network.
Interestingly, the presentation will be uploaded for future viewing on Composer, Virtuoso’s application to connect members, as a webinar (virtual seminar online) on a product or travel destination. In general, presentations take 45 minutes, with some time afterwards for questions from attendees.

During a webinar, agents can write their questions, which are answered in real time. Each webinar is announced in the Virtuoso newsletter and by email sent to the contacts in the Virtuoso database. Webinars usually draw some 50 agents, although some are not connected all throughout the presentation. However, the webinar is recorded and available for six months. In this action we were accompanied by three Costa del Sol-based hotels that are members of the Virtuoso network: Finca Cortesin, Marbella Club, and Kempinski Hotel Bahía.


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