Málaga, Costa del Sol, and Gijón to attend EIBTM together for better positioning

The Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourist Board, the City of Málaga, and the Gijón Convention Bureau are attending Barcelona’s EIBTM, The Global Meetings & Events Exhibition. It will be the first activity after they signed a groundbreaking agreement for the promotion of both cities as conference destinations. In a press conference for specialist media today, they gave details of the agreement, which envisages the creation of a common brand, the development of communication and promotion/marketing plans, and the sharing of domestic market intelligence in the association sector.
Together at the leading MICE show taking place in Barcelona, they will announce their synergy for better positioning to the press. This will mark the beginning of their joint work in the association sector and, if things go well, in the corporate sector too, for the agreement will be valid for four years.

The Málaga-Gijón alliance is aimed at recruiting events at the national level in a framework of cooperation that includes shared knowledge of the domestic association market, joint communication plans, a common brand name, and a joint promotion and marketing plan. The alliance’s medium-term goals are improving competitiveness, gathering market intelligence, and joining efforts in a north-south synergy (event rotation).

The parties involved consider that a marketing alliance like the one they have signed will boost their business opportunities, specially for the companies settled in both areas, give them a broader scope, enable them to capitalise on their efforts and optimise their budgets, reach other goals than those they can achieve in isolation, share business and institutional experiences, and make local companies more competitive.

The common brand name, to be operative for four years, is expected to add visibility to both travel destinations. The basic concepts of the strategic alliance are the complementary nature of the two travel destinations, the understanding between the teams carrying out the project, and the seriousness of the working plan, which includes brand creation products and a communications and marketing plan. It is the first north-south marketing alliance for association business recruitment between Spanish cities.

The alliance is intended improve the positioning of both travel destinations in the meetings and conference market by joining efforts and optimising resources for higher productivity, while emphasising key factors like the strong business fabric, the solid infrastructure and the accessibility of both destinations.


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