Positive outcome of INTUR, with numerous visitors

The Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourist Board considers the International Interior Tourism Trade Fair (INTUR) to have been very positive, especially in terms of visitors. This year, the Valladolid travel show gathered 306 exhibitors from all over Spain and beyond, representing 1,200 travel companies and tourism organisations. Cities, regions, and countries, transport operators, hotel chains, active travel companies, and tour operators showcased the products and services they offered in the segment of rural tourism.
To the Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourist Board, the results of INTUR 2011 (15th edition) were very good, being as it is the leading event in rural tourism and the second most important one in general tourism at the national level in terms of size, number of visitors, and surface area.

Parallel to the fair, on November 24 and 25, we also attended a workshop connecting suppliers with retailers. Some of the actors present at INTUR were conference organisers, active travel companies, hotel chains, and service companies. The Tourist Board had a space in the stand of the Andalusian Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Sports. We were accompanied by some of our affiliates.

Our main goal at INTUR was to do business, expanding our customer portfolio and business connections. Besides the contacts we made at the workshop, we had meetings with the representatives of AVE, AEDAVE Castilla y León, Rhodasol, Catai Tours, Travelplan, Viajes Ollantai, Travelmar, Muchoviaje.com, Rumbo.es, Lastminute.com, and Minube.com.


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