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The Tourist Board at TurNexo in Madrid and Barcelona

The Tourist Board at TurNexo in Madrid and BarcelonaThe Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourist Board has attended TurNexo in Madrid and Barcelona. Organised by Grupo NEXO, this professional travel fair features a workshop for exhibitors to show their promotional materials and work areas where meetings are held with visitors.

TurNexo Madrid gathered the largest suppliers to Spanish travel agencies on a single day (with a break): tour operators, hotel chains, airlines, transport companies, national and international destinations, cruise operators, technology firms, and others.

As in past editions, the main spring 2012 developments in the various sectors were introduced in Madrid. The Tourist Board attended the event to contact travel agents and sellers in the domestic market and show the Málaga-Costa del Sol travel offer for the winter 2011/2012 and spring 2012 seasons.

Considering the high number of contacts made (more than 130), the results of TurNexo Madrid were very good in terms of effectiveness and promotional impact/resource ratio .

In Barcelona, TurNexo had the same one-day format and similar goals: showing the Málaga-Costa del Sol travel offer and gathering first-hand information from the leading tour operators in the domestic market.

Although the number of participants was not very high, it was an interesting experience, with good promotional results.


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