Costa del Sol Tourist Board takes promotional action targeting Brazilian market

Costa del Sol Tourist Board takes promotional action targeting Brazilian marketThe Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourist Board carried out several promotional activities targeting the Brazilian market in the past month, including attendance to the annual conference of the Brazilian Association of Travel Agents (ABAV), where we were the only representatives of Andalusia at the Turespaña stand. We also attended a workshop on this market and a meeting with Brazilian travel agents.

During the ABAV conference, we organised a seminar at our stand, with participants invited by the Spanish Tourist Office in São Paulo, and attended several lectures, the most interesting of which was “Quem é o viajante brasileiro?,” a full tourist profile report.

Our participation in all these activities was aimed at strengthening our position in this interesting market, making connections with new and existing contacts, and conducting a seminar for about 20 agents interested in our travel destination.

The attendees at the ABAV conference and fair had interesting profiles, as both events are open to trade members only. However, the number of exhibitors was lower than in past editions.

Before these activities, the Tourist Board took part in a workshop for the leading 20 tour operators from Brazil, organised by Turespaña and held in Seville. It was aimed at making new contacts and strengthening existing ones. Most of the Brazilian tour operators at the workshops had corporate clients and sold luxury FITs, conference tourism, and incentive trips. They were positively surprised at the Costa del Sol travel offer.

Jointly with other organisations, the Tourist Board is planning a series of fam trips to the Costa del Sol, designing them to meet segment-specific needs. Now we know that travelling patterns are changing in the Brazilian market. As a result of foreign investment and strong currency, it is not just high-income travellers that can go abroad. There are tour operators targeting middle-class tourists that offer products meeting their needs and offering credit facilities. The Costa del Sol should take advantage of this new situation.

Our fam trips for the Brazilian market could be oriented to golf travel, five-star hotels, food, or the hinterland. Interestingly, our visitors could come from Madrid on the AVE high-speed train.

Finally, the Tourist Board was present in a two-day workshop for tour operators (day 1) and travel agents (day 2), organised by the European Travel Commission and the Spanish Tourist Office in São Paulo. A system of appointments was used to make contacts.

Complementary to the workshop, we held meetings with such leading tour operators as CVC Viagens, Nascimento Turismo, Designer Tours, or Teresa Perez Tours, catering to different travel styles, from mass tourism to exclusive products.

Our goal was to hold a certain number of meetings, destination presentations, and seminars for both companies we had been in contact with and firms we had never met before. We wanted to show them the virtues of Málaga and Costa del Sol to include them in their packages, many of which are designed for high-income travellers.

The results were very interesting. We were able to show our products are the perfect complement to Brazilian travellers’ stays in Spain (usually 16 days). In addition, the Spanish Tourist Office in São Paulo gave us their support to take reverse marketing action and thus boost our travel destination with potential clients in Brazil.


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