Tourist Board promotes Guadalteba region with press trips for Spanish journalists

Tourist Board promotes Guadalteba region with press trips for Spanish journalistsUpon request by SODEGUA, the Society for the Development of Guadalteba, the Tourist Board organised a press trip for Spanish journalists specialising in hinterland and nature. The three-day programme included visits to Guadalteba, Antequera, and Málaga City.

After calling for applications to take part in the press trip, six media were selected taking into account operational issues. The idea was to showcase the virtues and singular aspects of the villages and cities chosen, so that the visiting journalists could then reflect them in articles in the media they work for.

Although the visiting journalists work for traditional print publications, they told us they were thinking of using the materials they had gathered and the things they had learnt in Málaga in digital media. Eco-Viajes, for instance, has already published some of the materials online. In addition, the organisations that got involved in the planning of the press trip (Consorcio Guadalteba and the Antequera and Málaga Tourism Departments) told us they were satisfied with how things had unfolded and our visitors were very happy with their trip.


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