Site organises first educational breakfast in Málaga

Site organises first educational breakfast in MálagaSite (Society of Incentive and Travel Executives), the only global professional organisation gathering incentive trip and programme executives since 1973, with a global network that has 2,200 members in 87 countries around the world, has for the first time organised an educational breakfast in Málaga. The activity was considered to have been very good by the Málaga-Costa del Sol Convention Bureau.

The representatives of the Tourist Board and Convention Bureau at the event said they were honoured by Site Spain organising an educational and business breakfast in Málaga, thanking the Board of Directors for having chosen our travel destination for such an important event.

In particular, they thanked Communication Manager Kathrin Naumann and the Director of the Carmen Thyssen Museum, Javier Ferrer, for having made the museum available for the meeting and showing the art collection to the businessmen who attended the event.

Likewise, they thanked Site for giving the Tourist Board the chance of getting in contact with the best professionals in Spain, taking steps for Southern Spain to show its huge potential in meeting and conference travel, and its possibilities to reach new markets and customers. Taking note of speaker Elena Alfaro’s contributions, they said, the Tourist Board will explore experiential marketing and the latest trends for the marketing of travel destinations, hotels, agencies, or services.

Site Spain has been one of the most active Site Chapters of the past few years. 80% of its members are from Catalonia, with the remaining 20% made up by organisations from the rest of Spain. It is the Tourist Board’s goal to get businesses and entrepreneurs from Málaga-Costa del Sol (and from Andalusia as a whole) to make contributions and to include Málaga in the decisions made to open new business opportunities.

Finally, our representatives thanked hotels, convention centres, and Andalusian convention bureaus for being there. Site is a global network of meeting and event professionals dedicated to delivering business results through the development of motivation and performance strategies. Regardless of the political or cultural backgrounds where they operate, these strategies include travel as a key component. Site serves as the source of expertise, knowledge, and personal connections that will catapult and sustain professional growth, and help build the value of extraordinary motivational experiences worldwide.


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