Erasmus students from Germany at the Tourist Board

Erasmus students from Germany at the Tourist BoardThe Costa del Sol Tourist Board has welcomed a group of some 20 tourism students from Germany, who are staying for a few months in Málaga City, in the context of the Erasmus programme. In the reception planned for them we made a presentation of the Costa del Sol and the Tourist Board with its various departments –an activity we have been doing for the past few years.

The presentation is aimed at giving visiting students a clear idea of what the Tourist Board does –how and why it was created, what its goals are and what it does to accomplish them– and showing them our website,, which can be a useful tool for would-be travel professionals, creating virtual links between Tourist Board affiliates and youngsters looking for their first job.

The Tourist Board believes these initiatives to be very important, since adequate training is key to the qualification of professionals in the travel industry. Moreover, we use this kind of visits to give students information on the amazing range of travel products and services available in our destination, highlighting Málaga’s prominent place in the tourism scene.

Moreover, we think that foreign students’ long stays in Málaga can have an interesting multiplying effect, as their friends and relatives eventually come to visit them.


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