About 100 British trade members attend “Tastes of Costa del Sol-Málaga,” a leading promotional event at WTM

Tastes of Costa del Sol-MálagaToday, about 100 travel professionals in the British market attended “Tastes of Costa del Sol-Málaga,” organised by the Málaga-Costa del Sol and the D.O. Málaga and Sierras de Málaga Control Board, as well as other Málaga D.O. boards. The event was held at the Meliá White House Hotel in London.
Attendees included British tour operators, travel agents, airline representatives, travel and food specialist journalists, and Spanish product and wine retailers in the UK. The event was also attended by the Spanish authorities in London.

Some of the leading companies and organisations at the event were Aer Lingus, Monarch, Advantage Travel Centre, the International Federation of Tour Operators (IFTO), Travel Counsellors, the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX, Departments of Investment, Communications, and Industrial Products), and firms specialising in special Spanish products like Iberica Food and Culture or C&D Wines Ltd., among others.

The event was designed with the connections between food and travel in mind, in an effort to meet the needs in connection with this segment in the British market, where demand for products and programmes focusing on local foods runs high, especially among middle-to-high-income travellers.

The event included a welcome drink served by a sommelier and foods from Málaga, live guitar music, and tasting sessions led by wine and olive oil experts. The activities were aimed at arousing interest in the wide range of travel products offered by Málaga Province and showcasing our high-quality wines and foods.

The President of the Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourist Board, Elías Bendodo, welcomed attendees to the Costa del Sol’s culinary event in London. “Málaga and the Costa del Sol are a destination open all year round,” he said.

“As you know, our travel offer contains a wide array of products and a multiplicity of flavours, colours, shades, and smells,” he went on. “This is what this event is about: the food, culture, history, customs and traditions of our land.”

“We can’t think of a better way to communicate what we have to offer tourists than a sample of all the delicacies you can find in Málaga Province: wines, olive oil, regional dishes, and local foods turning the Costa del Sol into a pleasure for your senses.”

“Food is the backbone of our travel industry, a segment connecting different travel products and a complement to tourist stays in Málaga,” Mr Bendodo said. Then he invited everyone to “try our delicious wines, brought to you by the D.O. Málaga and Sierras de Málaga Control Board, let our sommelier’s tricks seduce you, give in to new sensations, enjoy those things we know Britons love when they come to Málaga.”

According to our President, the Tourist Board is aware that British tour operators and travel agents are interested in the Costa del Sol’s gastronomy, a segment that is also arousing interest in specialist journalists. At the Tourist Board we are interested in giving a boost to this segment, pushing it up in the list of tourist attractions. “It’s a powerful sector and it’s associated with quality. As you know, quality is our second name and our driving force,” he remarked.

Finally, Mr Bendodo told the British trade members, “We’ve brought the best of Málaga for you to enjoy it here, in London, but remember it’s just a sample. The whole lot is still there, waiting for you on the Costa del Sol. So come visit us if you want to enjoy the full range of our travel products, in all their variety and richness.”


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