Málaga, Costa del Sol and Gijón forge alliance

Málaga, Costa del Sol and Gijón forge allianceThis morning, the Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourist Board, Málaga Town Hall, and Gijón Town Hall signed a groundbreaking agreement for the promotion of both cities as conference destinations. The event was attended by the Gijón Councillor of Citizen Relations, Proximity Services and Sports, Pedro Barbillo; the President of the Club of Business Travel Companies, Fernando Castaño; the Managing Director of the Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourist Board, Arturo Bernal; and the Head of the Tourism Department at Málaga Town Hall, Francisco Quereda.

According to the agreement signatories, the alliance is aimed at recruiting events at the national level in a framework of cooperation that includes shared knowledge of the domestic association market, joint communication plans, a common brand name, and a joint promotion and marketing plan. The alliance’s medium-term goals are improving competitiveness, gathering market intelligence, and joining efforts in a north-south synergy (event rotation).

The common brand name, to be operative for four years, is expected to add visibility to both travel destinations. Mr Bernal and Mr Quereda underscored the three basic ideas of the strategic alliance, namely, the complementary nature of the two travel destinations, the talented team carrying out the project, and the seriousness of the working plan, which includes brand creation products and a communications and marketing plan.

The first event organised within the framework of this agreement will take place in December, at the leading MICE show taking place in Barcelona. The synergy will be publicised here, earning a better positioning for the two travel destinations. In addition, work will be done in the association and even the corporate segments, given the alliance’s four-year term.

By virtue of this agreement, Gijón and Málaga will publicise one another, so that the two travel destinations are sold at once, thus optimising their presence at various events for the next few years. In fact, both Convention Bureaus have similar ways of working and relating themselves to companies, so they offer a similar methodology.

According to Gijón Town Hall sources, Málaga has a more consolidated position, both in the business travel segment and in travel industry as a whole. Gijón, on the other hand, is just taking the first steps, so it has more to win. “Working with a consolidated brand name in the travel industry means more contacts,” they said.

Likewise, they pointed out that, unlike holidaymakers, business travellers do not tend to visit several towns in a single trip. Therefore, competition would be stronger between Gijón and Oviedo than between Gijón and Málaga.

To Fernando Castaño, this agreement guarantees the satisfaction of clients who have organised a conference in one of the destinations when they hold another in the other city, encouraging entrepreneurs to replicate the creative initiatives carried out in the other destination in order to optimise resources.


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