The Tourist Board attends Carlson Wagonlit Travel conference

The Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourist Board has been present in the annual conference of Belgium’s Carlson Wagonlit Travel, held in Málaga. The conference drew 36 team and offices managers, as well as Thomas Cook and Brussels Airlines executives. The agencies they represented specialised in business, corporate, luxury, and MICE travel.

The conference comprised business sessions at the Coral Beach resorts and visits to various sites in Málaga Province, organised by the incoming travel agency RTA. The Tourist Board attended the event in an effort to keep abreast of the marketing systems, procedures, and goals for our travel destination and make suggestions for improvement based on our knowledge of the Costa del Sol. We made a presentation for conferences attendees, strengthening our existing contacts in the Belgian market.

Our thorough presentation focused on new communication and infrastructure developments: the Maritime Station at the Port of Málaga, Terminal 3 of Málaga Airport, and the AVE high-speed train. We also described all the travel segments available in our travel destination and the possibilities associated with them, and here we told things they had not heard of, especially concerning cruises, country travel, and cultural tourism. Then we escorted them to the dinner party held at Cortijo de Cortes, which included a cocktail reception and a horse show. On the following day, they engaged in team building activities in Mijas.

The team building activities were organised by Exploramás. They consisted of a gymkhana that enabled participants to get to know Mijas while having fun, as they had to solve a historical mystery in groups. The activities were followed by a lunch and wine tasting at the Wine Museum, and an olive oil tasting session.On the whole, the conference had very good results, given the profile and background of attendees, and their business potential. They showed how much they wanted to learn things about Málaga (a destination many of them had never been to before) and volunteered to participate all the time. At the end, they thanked the Tourist Board and RTA for our service. They told us they knew nothing about some of our travel segments, perceiving the Costa del Sol as a sun and sea destination. Therefore, we can consider our presentation to have been highly successful in this regard. The group was also interested in bullfighting and flamenco, two aspects we must consider to include in similar programmes in the future.


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