The Tourist Board shares low season business projects for Costa del Sol with TUI agents

TUI agentsOn the occasion of a travel programme coordinated by TUI España and taking advantage of the positive evolution of the German market, the Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourist Board has shared business projects for the low season on the Costa del Sol with 40 of the best TUI travel agents in Germany.
The agents on the visiting groups work at retail travel agencies across Europe, selling all kinds of travel products: beach holidays, golf, family holidays, senior travel, and so on.

Germany continues to be one of the most important outbound markets to the Costa del Sol, so it is always a good idea to take promotional action with it. Moreover, the training of travel agents selling Málaga City and Málaga Province is always positive, especially when they experience the destination for themselves and get ample knowledge of our travel offer.

Their five-day fam trip included inspection visits to hotels, a boat tour, shopping, a flamenco show, and meals at traditional restaurants.

In line with our goal of to maximise cooperation with our affiliates and our mission to offer quality services to incoming travel agencies, the Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourist Board provided personalised service to the German visitors and held a presentation of our travel destination.

The presentation was aimed at the promotion of our travel destination, so it included general information and facts about location and accessibility, hotels, cultural sites and activities, restaurants, and hinterland travel, with an emphasis on sales in the low season.

It also focused on the Tourist Board as a non-profit organisation giving advice on our travel offer and information on the tools made available to travel agents with the new Destination Management System.


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