New edition of International Cultural Tourism Fair, with a more professional outlook

New edition of International Cultural Tourism Fair, with a more professional outlook This morning, the Managing Director of the Costa del Sol, Arturo Bernal, attended the presentation of the 8th International Cultural Tourism and City Break Fair. The only event specialising in this travel segment in Spain will now have a more professional outlook.
Mr Bernal agreed with the representatives of the other organisations present at the press conference on the need to transform the fair into a more professional event, “encouraging job creation and opening up business opportunities.” This year, the fair will include two workshops on cultural and language tourism, gathering sector buyers and suppliers.Mr Bernal considered this to be a necessary transformation, as cultural tourism has gone ahead of other segments, like water sports or golf, its average tourist expenditure being higher than in other, more traditional, sectors.The General Director of Turespaña, Antonio Bernabé, remarked on Spain’s potential as a supplier of cultural tourism and the fact that culture is the perfect complement to traditional tourism.

The Head of the Tourism Department at Málaga Town Hall, Carolina España, appreciated the event’s professionalisation and considered it appropriate for such an event to be held in times like the present one. Likewise, she highlighted the growth in the number of buyers attending the workshops over last year.

Meanwhile, the Technical General Secretary of the Andalusian Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Sports, Montserrat Reyes, said this fair was a fine example of institutional cooperation, describing it as “a source of job and wealth creation for the community.” She added that the fair’s professionalisation could be useful to sell the model of big heritage cities.

The representative of the Chamber of Commerce, Jerónimo Pérez Casero, laid emphasis on the involvement of his organisation in the event since its inception, and mentioned the Chamber’s special support this year by helping organise the online marketing workshops conducted at the fair.

Finally, the General Director of the Málaga Exhibition and Conference Centre, Yolanda de Aguilar, said the event now focused on marketing only, as developed under a policy of “maximum commitment and cost-effectiveness.”


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