Costa del Sol Tourist Board and Málaga Department of Tourism organise unprecedented trip to Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol Tourist Board and the Tourism Department of Málaga Town Hall have estimated the advertising impact of the fam trip organised for international journalists on the occasion of the Málaga Fair at over €1,000,000 and the number of end users reached at about 6,000,000.
The total investment by the two institutions will be lower than €15,000, which is not much if one takes into account the expected impact in terms of advertising and people reached. According to the Press and Communications Departments of the Spanish Tourist Offices involved, the press trip is expected to reach about 5,500,000 readers, 400,000 TV viewers, and some 100,000 radio listeners.
The August press trip is one of the two most important fam trips organised for the Costa del Sol, the other being the one held in Easter. It is also one of the most important marketing activities carried out by the Tourist Board, jointly with Málaga Town Hall.
The visiting group are staying in Málaga from August 12 to August 16. The goal is to get coverage for the event, for Málaga City, and for the Costa del Sol in the media these journalists work at, all of which are very prestigious in their countries.
All journalists were carefully selected according to Málaga and the Costa del Sol’s priority target markets. As a result, the group includes reporters working for British, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, American, Mexican, and Spanish media.
Among the media represented there are “Sunday Mirror” (British Newspaper), ANSA (Italian news agency), La Stampa (Italian newspaper with a circulation of 399,793 copies), the travel supplement of Rzeczpospolita (Polish newspaper with a circulation of 137,350), TV2 (the largest commercial television station in Norway, with an average audience of 200,000 per show), and WWFM (American radio station whose weekly show “Spanish Hours” reaches many listeners across the country).
To these we should add RTL Television, from Germany, which broadcasts 24/7, the British newspaper “Yorkshire Post” (circulation: 70,000), and the prestigious art magazine from Mexico “Fahrenheit. Arte Contemporáneo”.
According to Tourist Board President Elías Bendodo, “this kind of action helps us reach top-rate opinion leaders in target markets at very low costs, which makes it highly profitable. If we had to pay for the advertising in all these media, we would need about €1,000,000, but we just spent €15,000”.
Programme of activities
On August 12, the visiting journalists are watching the Fair’s opening ceremony and fireworks from the roof terrace of the Hotel Gallery Molina Lario. On August 13, they are attending a reception at Málaga Town Hall and then the Procession to the Shrine of Virgen de la Victoria. After the procession, they will go sightseeing in Málaga, visiting landmarks like the Cathedral, and have fun at the Day Fair. In the evening, they will go to the Fairground and take a look at the various stands and kiosks.
On Sunday 13, they will visit the Picasso Museum and the Thyssem Museum as well as the Arab Fortress. At noon, they will have lunch at a beach bar in Pedregalejo, while in the afternoon they will go to the Motor Museum. After that, they will go on an evening guided tour of Antequera, where they will also have dinner (courtesy of Antequera Town Hall).
Last but not least, on Monday 15, the group will visit Málaga’s botanical garden, La Concepción, and Gibralfaro, attend an official function at the headquarters of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board, and go to the bulls. The farewell dinner party will be held at Candado Beach Club.

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