Arturo Bernal holds meeting with Apertur representatives

This morning, the new Managing Director of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board, Arturo Bernal, had a meeting with the authorities of the Costa del Sol Travel Journalists Association, Apertur, to discuss our main goals and actions in this new stage.
Mr Bernal explained that, from now on, the Tourist Board will operate at two different levels: the strategic one, “which will define the Tourist Board’s courses of action,” and the operational one, in the hands of our technical staff, who will be in charge of marketing and promotion activities.
Our Managing Director insisted on the need to include the private sector in the Tourist Board’s decision, “so that they are fully involved in the accomplishment of the Costa del Sol’s goals”.
About this, Mr Bernal announced that there would be a series of meetings with the private sector, beginning on August 3, in which our Steering Committee and our Standing Committee will discuss the Tourist Board’s new goals and explain our new philosophy. We want to strengthen our governing bodies, he said. Then he referred to the Málaga City Tourism Forum: “It’s a formula that’s worked out so well that local businessmen asked us to apply it to the Costa del Sol”.
Among other goals, our Managing Director mentioned the need to turn “Costa del Sol” into a profitable brand name and erase the negative connotations associated with sun and sand. “It’s the crown’s jewel, and so we need to qualify this concept.” Likewise, he remarked on potential synergies with other brands, like “Marbella,” for promotional purposes in specific markets.
Finally, Mr Bernal told the representatives of Apertur at the meeting that the segments to be considered as priority now would be holiday/leisure, cruises, cultural tourism, MICE, and golf.

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