Provincial Government to turn Ronda-Antequera into a cultural icon of Andalusia

From July 14 to September 10, a new edition of the programme “Antequera, Luz de Luna,” which consists in the opening of the town’s main sights at night, is being held in Antequera. It was announced by the President of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board, Elías Bendodo, at a press conference held with the Mayor of Antequera to introduce the activities in this cultural programme. Mr Bendodo also announced that the Provincial Government of Málaga is planning to turn the towns of Ronda-Antequera into “the new cultural icon of Andalusia”.
Alongside the Mayor of Antequera, Manolo Barón, Mr Bendodo highlighted the fact that “80% of the heritage sites in Málaga Province are located here,” which is why the area should be “the capital of cultural and hinterland tourism in Andalusia.” Consequently, the Provincial Government will support Antequera’s candidacy to become a World Heritage site, just as it supports Ronda in its designation.
Mr Bendodo, who is also de President of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board, explained that the tourists visiting Málaga Province are becoming “increasingly demanding,” and they are not easily satisfied with traditional travel products and seek to complement them with cultural sites and activities. “This is where the hinterland, and especially Antequera, can play a major role. We want to turn Antequera and Ronda into the new Úbeda and Baeza for Andalusia,” he remarked.
Regretting the past failure to add value to Ronda-Antequera, joining Málaga City as the key cultural sites in the province, our President insisted, “Antequera will become one of the pillars of this Administration’s tourism policy”.
Mr Barón, in turn, stated that “Antequera, Luz de Luna” is meant to show the town to visitors in a different way, namely, by night, emphasising the local government’s decision that Antequera become part of the Tourist Board’s promotion policies. “Antequera must be on the Costa del Sol as a world-class destination complementary to sun and sea,” he said.
From July 14 to September 10, tourists in Antequera will be able to visit museums and cultural sites by night, as well as climb to El Torcal for astronomical observations, go hiking at sunset, or take walking tours including the Bullring Museum, the Church of San Juan de Dios, the Town Visitor Centre, the Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor, and the Old Town.
Together, the Costa del Sol Tourist Board and the Antequera Town Hall have designed a promotional campaign to unfold at the regional level, which includes agreements with tour operators and travel agencies. The guided tours, which will use electric minibuses to take visitors from one site to the next, will be €5.

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