The Tourist Board at the summer edition of TurNexo Barcelona

In compliance with the Action Plan 2011, representatives of the National Marketing Department of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board have attended the 13th summer edition of TurNexo, a professional travel fair organised by GrupoNEXO in Barcelona as a showcase for wholesalers and suppliers’ travel offer for next season.
The event began with opening speeches by the Deputy Director General of the Tourism Department of the Government of Catalonia and GrupoNEXO CEO Enrique Quesada. In our module, we talked to about 100 travel agents who were interested in Málaga Province and its cultural heritage.
Once again, we attended the event to show travel agents the Costa del Sol’s offer and gain first-hand knowledge of what the main tour operators present in Spain think of our province and what travel destinations they work with.
TurNexo’s format is that of a workshop, with self-decorated modular stands for exhibitors containing desks, chairs, and counters to display promotional materials.
This initiative by GrupoNEXO, gathering the leading travel suppliers in Spain, is a great showcase where visitors can get the best for the summer and winter seasons in one place.
TurNexo is open to travel agents in active service only, who have to register online at Sponsored by the travel e-newspaper “,” it boasts a high degree of professionalisation.
Attending events like TurNexo is in line with the Tourist Board’s promotion efforts in the domestic market. TurNexo is ideal to contact several Catalan agencies in a single place and in a few hours, gaining knowledge of the types of services they demand. In future editions, we could take advantage of the fair and carry out door-to-door campaigns or make presentations targeting specific sectors or associations.

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