The Tourist Board at the 3rd Stock Travel Day in Zaragoza

The Costa del Sol Tourist Board has participated in the 3rd edition of Stock Travel Day, an event held at the World Trade Center Zaragoza where visitors could buy their holiday packages for this season from the tour operator Primera Línea.
The Tourist Board attended this event as a token of support to this new type of promotional events and tourism marketing strategies, as well as in an attempt to show our travel products and our travel destination to direct clients, i.e. general visitors.
As in the past two editions, all exhibitors offered their products at best value prices. They were advertised using state-of-the-art information and communication technologies. Deals were shown on a plasma screen and announced on the PA system. The whole announcement system was much better than last year. All in all, ICTs and the outlet concept (selling quality products at bargain prices) proved to be an effective mix, which can be incorporated into our marketing strategies.
As in previous years, social networks played a key role to interactivity and advertising of Stock Travel Day. There was a Corner King 2.0 where visitors could post twits on Twitter or upload photos and videos on Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and the like. They were even invited to enter an amateur video competition.
In its 3rd edition, Stock Travel Day gathered tour operators (Politours, Soltour, Iberojet, MSC Cruises, Travelplan), amusement parks (Zoo Aquarium, Terra Mítica, PortAventura), hotel chains (Husa Hoteles, Hotansa, Evenia Hotels), and Tourist Boards (Alicante, Huelva, Málaga, Zaragoza) giving first-hand information on their travel destinations. In the case of the Costa del Sol, our presence helped many visitors choose their holiday destination or plan their trips. Some bought packages from Primera Línea, while others had custom trips planned using the information given at our desk or on our website.
On the whole, our presence in this original holiday outlet can only be considered as highly positive. We have been informed of a high number of reservations made and packages bought for our travel destination by visitors to the travel show.
Contacts were made for the tour operators at the event to include more Costa del Sol deals. Given the fact that the outlet was basically about holiday package sales, providing information on our travel destination proved to be an effective sale-boosting complement. We gave information to retail agencies and wholesalers, and we encouraged Málaga-based accommodations to offer outlet deals at the Zaragoza event.

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