The Tourist Board attends CINNTA Business Acceleration Workshop

Early in May, the Costa del Sol Tourist Board was invited to attend the Business Acceleration Workshop organised by the Andalusian Centre for Innovation in Tourism (CINNTA) and held on May 30, 2011.
In the context of these practical workshops for companies in the travel industry, Andalucía Lab scheduled a new programme to reach all the Andalusian provinces and discuss eight Internet-related current issues with the help of 30 experts at the national level. The first workshop of this programme, “Tourism and Social Networks” was held in Málaga on May 30.
It began with a panel whose members highlighted the relevance of social media to the tourism industry, especially in connection with online sales. The specialists summarised the evolution of the traditional model with regard to the relations between the different actors in the travel retail sector: hotels, traditional tour operators, incoming travel agencies, .com agencies, and so on.
Then they discussed market trends, focusing on price structure, offer implementation, or package and promotion management, and analysed the Dingus model, based on a custom platform adjusted to individual establishments’ needs, products, or profile (city breaks, holidays, country travel, etc.) and synchronised to PMSs, which results in an operational environment for the management and optimisation of sales channels and reservation management systems. Finally, there was a demo of the business management platform GATHO (the one used in the Andalusian virtual community and online tourism platform for offer management).
The workshop was organised by Dingus Services, a collaborator of Andalucía Lab, which offered its services to marketing managers and online hotel management departments, SMEs and Málaga-based entrepreneurs.

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