The Tourist Board at the Cádiz Golf Cup

The Golf Department of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board has been present in the 8th Cádiz Golf Cup, held at Arcos Gardens Golf Club & Country Estate on May 4. Organised by the Cádiz Tourist Board and Turismo Andaluz, this golf tournament draws dozens of tour operators every year, with the aim of boosting golf travel in Cádiz.
The event was attended by 30 travel brokers specialising in golf and 3 golf writers from 16 different European countries. The golf travel companies and tour operators included Fairway Golftravel (Netherlands), Active Golf Travel (Belgium), TGR-Golfreisen (Austria), Golf Travel Hungary (Hungary), Golf & Country Travel (Netherlands), Exclusive Destination (Denmark), Sanotours (Austria), Golf Planet (Czech Republic), Drive Golfreisen, Pegini Sport Management & Marketing, Rauno Golf & Reisen (Germany), Golfisol (Germany), TUI, Domeier-Reisen (Germany), Gone Golfing (Germany), Austadt Reisen (Switzerland), Senior Golf (Norway), Go2golf, Green2Green, Bounty Club (Denmark), Classic Golf (Denmark), Golf Joy Travel (Sweden), Golfmir (Russia), BT Tours (Belgium), Viagens Abreu (Portugal), World Golf Limited (UK), and Supertravel (UK).



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