About twenty journalists from twelve countries are coming to Málaga in Easter, invited by the Tourist Board

About twenty contributors to leading Spanish and international publications are coming to Málaga City to celebrate Easter after getting an invitation from the Costa del Sol Tourist Board. Once again this year, this activity has been organised with the help from Turespaña and the Spanish Tourist Offices around the world.
The international visiting group will comprise reporters from Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, the UK, Germany, Spain, Brazil, the US, Mexico, and the Netherlands. They represent such leading media as “Grande” and “Touring Explorer” (Belgian travel magazines), “Liverpool Echo” (British newspaper), “De Telegraaf” (Dutch newspaper), “Hamburger Abendblatt” (German newspaper), “Diario Las Américas” (a newspaper published in Miami for the Spanish-speaking community), and “O Estado de S. Paulo” (daily local newspaper in Brazil).

This kind of promotional trips are aimed at getting media coverage for the wide range of products, services, and activities available in Málaga City, its beautiful districts and corners, its interesting culture, and its impressive customs and traditions, so that this information can reach distant markets. http://professionals.visitcostadelsol.com/bd/mostrar_noticia.php?ident=874&tipo=notas



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