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Costa del Sol, among the three favourite Easter destinations in Spain for British travellers

According to a survey by Skyscanner, sun & sand destinations in Spain like Málaga, Tenerife, or Alicante have taken the place of New York or Istanbul as the most popular travel destinations in Easter among British tourists. Apparently, Britons prefer to enjoy the sun and the beach instead of visiting cities in their longer-than-a-weekend getaway.
As a matter of fact, British travellers have always liked Spanish seaside towns. Actually, Málaga was ranked first in the same survey last year. Alicante, however, climbed three places, whereas Tenerife went 21 positions up from 2010 to 2011.

A year ago, the Skyscanner survey showed Spain was in decline, but the love story between British travellers and our country is now in full swing again, with Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca among the top ten destinations too (eighth and tenth, respectively).


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