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    Jardín en Málaga y su Costa del Sol - Garden in Málaga and The Costa del Sol

    Laguna Grande, Archidona - "Laguna Grande", Archidona

    Flor del almendro, Casares - Almond tree´s flower, Casares

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Salvador Pendón introduces German market facts in the face of a new edition of ITB Berlin

In a press conference held in the headquarters of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board, President Salvador Pendón released a report on the German market as a preview to the upcoming new edition of ITB Berlin. At the conference, our President revealed that the number of airport arrivals from Germany in 2010 was 3% higher than in 2009.
The facts in the report indicate there is a new kind of German tourists in various aspects. They have a higher purchasing power and prefer four-star hotels, they tend to stay longer, and they have higher budgets. Also, they are more satisfied with our service and infrastructure, more of them would recommend our travel destination, and they would choose it again for their next holidays.

Below are some of the facts and figures disclosed by Mr Pendón at the press conference.


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